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Race Equality Workshops in Schools

The Young Mayors team works with teachers in school to support students to Have a better understanding of equality, stereotyping prejudice discrimination anti-racism, cultural identity inclusion and participation. As a team we help create a safe space to learn and develop critical thinking and understanding the vocabulary needed to engage in meaningful dialogue. 


Within our workshops we use adaptable resources to kickstart a conversation around inequality which young people experience within education and wider society. 

The Young Mayors main objective is to provide a link with Lewisham Council to help ensure the voice of young people inform local decision making. 

With the Councils aim to tackle over a decade of under achievement of Black Caribbean heritage and Black and minority ethnic pupils. We are supporting the Lewisham Race Equality Strategy through the workshops.

Here is a link to the Lewisham Council article on tackling race equality in education

Contact the Young Mayor's Team:

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