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About Radio Lewisham

Radio Lewisham is the new radio station by young people, for young people. It was created by the former Young Mayor (2023-2024) Jentai Gen-One as part of his YM manifesto and is in partnership with Lewisham Music and SA, who have been fantastic in supporting the project and helping it come to life.

The Young Advisors have been training with Bloomsbury Radio to prepare for the launch of Radio Lewisham, which is scheduled for after Easter 2024.

The radio station will feature a range of shows, music genres (including music released by young artists themselves!) and topics that are chosen and broadcasted by Lewisham young people, and will provide the young people with the opportunity to improve their public speaking, debate skills and bring to light the issues and events that young people care about in 2024.

To get in touch with Radio Lewisham, email us at or send us an enquiry via the form below!

Radio Lewisham: Snapshots

See what we've been up to!

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