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Bilvilyn Asamoah - Young Mayor of Lewisham 2024-2025

Bilvilyn campaigned for the position of Young Mayor of Lewisham and came 1st with a total of 1,824 votes!

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Read Bilvilyn's manifesto

I am running for Young Mayor of Lewisham because I want to be the voice of young people who feel unheard. This is as I once was that girl; I never felt heard. I want to be a prime example of the fact that, no matter who you are, you deserve a voice. I believe that I can use my role to voice concerns that matter to young people. I also want to help create pathways to employment for young people. Finally, I want to work on developing programmes that provide young people with support. This is as a lack of all these could leas to anti-social behaviour for example. I can feedback to the young people of Lewisham by potentially organising in school events. Here, young people can hear changes, and suggest them. Finally, I believe that I am the best person for this job because of my genuine understanding of the challenges of the youth. My personal experiences give me a unique perspective. I am also determines and ambitious.

Here is the video of Bilvilyn's manifesto that was distributed during her campaign.

Contact the Young Mayor

To get in touch with the Young Mayor or Young Advisors, please contact the Young Mayor's Team.

+44 7957 198312

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