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Young Advisers: Who Are We?

The Young advisors meet every Monday from 5-7pm at the Civic Suite (Civic Suite, Catford, LONDON, SE6 4RU)

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The Young Advisers support the Young Mayor in implementing her manifesto as well as making important decisions regarding the lives and wellbeing of young people in the borough of Lewisham.

They also form self-organised groups that meet outside of the typical Young Advisers Monday meeting to work on their own projects, an example of this is the Champions of inclusion group, that works

Young Adviser FaQs

Find out a bit more about Young Advisers and what it means to be a Young Adviser:


Where do Young Advisers come from?

Young advisers come from young people’s involvement initiatives such as:

  • youth and community projects

  • specialist groups

  • neighbourhood forums

  • volunteering initiatives

  • school or college councils

  • Lewisham’s Young Citizens’ Panel. 


How can I be a Young Advisor?

If you live, work or study in the borough of Lewisham and are between the ages of 11-17 (or up to 25 if you have special educational needs or disabilities) you can attend Young Adviser meetings.

If you are interested in politics, wish to make your voice heard, like debating or want to grow your network/community of friends from different backgrounds, Young Advisers is the place for you.


What do Young Advisers do?

The Young Mayor and young advisers:

  • look at key decision-making reports

  • engage with service managers, policy-makers and elected members to hear and comment on plans and strategies for the delivery of services

  • are involved in determining council grant allocation to youth service initiatives.


How can being a Young Adviser benefit me?

Being a Young Adviser 9is beneficial because you:

  • Can make your voice and the voice of young people in your community heard

  • Develop soft skills such as confidence, communication, public speaking, debating and more

  • Attend events for young people where you can make friends and network

  • Improve your CV and update it with all of the experience you gain (being a Young Adviser is technically a volunteer position)

Come and Visit Us

If you are a young person who wishes to attend a Young feel free to drop by a Young Advisors meeting, which are held every Monday between 9-5 during term time.

If you wish to present at a Young Advisor meeting or get in touch with the Young Advisors, contact Katy Brown: T: +44 7957 198312‬, E:

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