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The Young Mayors Team works with the elected Young Mayor, Deputy Young Mayor and Young Advisors to support youth democracy in the borough of Lewisham.


(Far left) Olivia Mardling (Former DYM 2021-23)

(left) Rosanna Campbell (Former YM 2021-23)

(Middle) Jentai Gen-One (newly elected YM 2023-24)

(Right) Llyweall-Paige Hoban(newly elected DYM 2023-24)

(Far right) Damien Egan (Mayor of Lewisham)

 Top 6 candidates 

meet out top 6 candidates in this years election 

Learn about the exciting projects that are happening!

The Young Advisors work together to create events and campaigns to help young people voice their views in the borough and shape change in Lewisham.

Meet the Young Mayor of Lewisham

Learn more about our current Young Mayor Jentai and Deputy Young Mayor Llywella


The Bank of Things is a project developed for young people by young people. The Young Mayor of Lewisham and Young advisors teams came up with the idea after witnessing first hand how a lack of access to certain daily essentials was preventing young people from engaging fully in their day to day lives. 


please help to donate our service so we can help make a difference to young peoples life.

The link is below, where you can donate as much as you would like to.

For more information contact:

02083146313 & 07957198312



Elected Young Mayors and Deputy Young Mayors since 2004


Young people vote on average every year


Every Young Mayor and Deputy serves one year in office once elected


Each Young Mayor has a budget of 25k to spend on young people in the borough

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