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Young Advisors Meetings

Who are the Young Advisors? 

The Young Advisors are a group made up of young people from across the borough, some of whom have been Young Mayor candidates and others are young people who represent or are part of other groups, or who are just interested in taking part!

They want to be active and make a change in their community.


Usually they meet every Monday 5 -7pm at the Civic Suite in Catford, and take part in other activities as and when during the week.


Young Advisors Meetings are  core to the work of the Young Mayor Team, Young Advisors  support the Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor, and represent young people in the borough.

Most Young Advisors are in Secondary school so year 7 upwards, with most age 14 -16 years. Though there are young advisors older and younger. 


Primary school aged children can come along with a parent to see how they get on. Please contact us.

What do they do?

Every week at the Young Advisors Meeting there is an agenda with different things to talk about . We often have visitors, officers or people who want to hear young people's views to help them develop a project or service, or to ask if they want to get involved. 


The Young Advisors also have their own projects and ideas that they talk about, plan and put into action.


The last part of the agenda is upcoming events; where the Young Advisors have been invited, for example, to represent young people at different events or take part in a meeting about an issue.



How to get involved?

During lockdown and social distancing the Young Advisors are meeting virtually, we are not taking new people into the virtual group.


However we would love you to get in touch now and there are other things you can do while we wait to meet again face to face!


Malcolm, Katy and Jacob are  always at Young Advisors meetings and are here to help with any questions and ideas you have now.




insta @lewishamyoungmayor

twitter @Lewishamycp

facebook @lewishamycp

What have the Young Advisors been doing  since lockdown?
  • meeting virtually twice a week

  • sharing thoughts, ideas and concerns on being in lockdown

  • helping design this website

  • writing blogs for the website

  • making a virtual concert (Morgan)

  • helping with consultations; libraries, Beckenham Place Park

  • contributing to ideas for the Lewisham song competition

  • Supporting the votes at 16 campaign

  • Helping with mental health awareness week campaign

  • Quiz's and cooking

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