The SEND project (temporary name) has been created out of the Young Advisors meetings and interest in how we can better support and address some of the issues experienced by young people with additional needs and disabilities.

The Young Mayor Team have always worked with all the special schools in Lewisham, who participate in the Young Mayors Election every year. Young Mayor Candidates attend assemblies and speak to students about why they are standing and we usually have candidates from Brent Knoll School as well as others who have disabilities from other schools. Throughout the year the Young Mayor and Young Advisors aim to  meet with students and have worked on different projects in the past.

Two previous Young Mayor candidates and now Young Advisors, Morgan and Zak have both been core to getting the project going. They met regularly with the team and Chereice Nelson from the Complex Needs Team at Kaleidoscope, to look at how to best represent young people and get others involved in the project. Cheriece and her team are keen to have young people contribute to their work at Kaleidoscope and share their views about the services they receive, including about the Local Offer and how this works for young people. Lewisham local offer

The first thing that was decided was to organise an event and invite young people and schools, to see what others think is important and how they would like to get involved.

The aim of the event was to get young people with SEND involved in the changes we wanted to make for autism friendly places, inclusion and also making people aware about children and young people with disabilities; Morgan

 “It’s everybody’s business to be inclusive”


The event took place on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – 9.30am – 12.30pm at Lewisham Civic Suite


The aim of this event was to bring together young people who may / may not have a special educational need and / or disability, to hear their views about issues relating to SEND.  


This is an inclusive and interactive event for young people by young people which will focus on providing them with a safe platform to discuss key topics like:

  •          What is SEND

  •          Inclusion

  •          Things that work and / or do not work at school and in the community

  •          What can we do to make things better

  •          Agenda and presentation for the day



We were delighted to have an amazing turnrout of students and teachers take part on the day from the following schools: Greenvale, Drumbeat, Abbey Manor, Bonus Pastor Catholic College.

The event:  hosted by Morgan and  Zack  

Short film from the Send event  for autism awareness week

hosted by Morgan 

The full film showing more of the activities and participants on the day will be completed after the lock down.

Thanks to Michael from Broken Hearted Youth and Morgan for the film

Next Steps..

  • Write up feedback from people who took part in the day

  • Get back in touch with schools and students who took part in the event, see who wants to meet up again

  • Do some group building activities

  • Decide on name and activities for the group and project; will the group be Champions? or ambassadors? or something else?

  • Identify what the group  would like to talk about how they will feed back to schools /others

  • Decide on issues /interests to be discussed

  • Invite officers  /politicians to talk to the group

  • Make some changes!

  • Keep the website updated

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