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Young Mayor Election 2020 - postponed

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Update on the Young Mayor Election 2020. As you know the election usually takes place in October with the recruitment and campaigning starting in early September. Due to the unforeseen and unpredictable nature of the pandemic, as well as not wanting to overburden schools/ colleges just as they re-open, it has been agreed, much like the London Mayoral Election to postpone for a year. So the next Young Mayor Election will be in October 2021.

We genuinely hope this will help the schools/colleges as well as the whole education community, to re-open, re -establish teaching, relationships and further engage with our team in preparation for next year.

The existing team will continue to represent and develop the work of the Young Mayor and Young Advisors. We know it may be disappointing for young people who were planning to stand, we will continue to be working and meeting so are very keen for anyone to join us this year. The change in everyone’s lives could also be an opportunity to help shape what the future might look like and young people will, as ever, have ideas and opinions to share.

To this end we would very much like to continue to work with schools and community groups, supporting and helping create opportunities for young people to participate in informal learning, activities such as first aid, financial literacy, being involved in democratic and political processes, in whatever way is possible. So through campaigns/ school lessons or drop down days, and continuing to work with partners, community groups and individuals who want to make a change. So please keep inviting us to be part of your activities.

We also hope to create a Curriculum for Lewisham, which will include identifying, debating and contributing to highlighting local injustices and activism in the borough. One example being the New Cross Fire, and recognising the 40th anniversary in early 2021. Working with young people to further identify what and how they want to learn, again we’d love to do that in partnership with schools, and community groups and/or help share and support work going on. The Black Lives Matter protests have obviously highlighted these issues too and we’d be contributing to a borough wide response.

Finally any ideas you have that we could help with, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you to see what we can do to support our Lewisham young people, colleagues and communities.

If you are a young person who wants to get involved/ have an idea and would like support please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Katy, Mal and Jacob - Young Mayor Team

email Tel: 02083146313 Mob: 07957198312

insta @lewishamyoungmayor facebook/twitter: Lewisham Young Citizens Panel

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