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What next for Beckenham Place Park?

Lewisham Council is doing some early consultation with local residents and the wider community about potential changes to the eastern side of Beckenham Place Park (the Common and Summerhouse Fields). This is a great opportunity for residents and the community to contribute to the shaping of the park.

The council have had to think carefully about how to engage at this moment in time and are obviously restricted as to face to face engagement, but they have gone ahead and undertaken some early on line consultation.

The on line consultation asks some simple questions about:

- How well this part of the park is known and used

- Why people go or don’t go there

- How people would like this part of the park to feel

- What they would like to see and do there.

Working with designers, all this initial information will be fed into the development of design ideas - which the Council will then be seeking further views on in a few months' time.

Over 1200 people have already given us their views but we want to make sure people under 18 and between 18 and 24 have their say – so we’ve opened up the consultation again specifically for younger people until midday on Monday 25 May 2020 . Please go to to complete the consultation.

I appreciate that we are in a difficult and challenging time at the moment – but perhaps this is a nice opportunity to think positively about the future and creation of a wonderful space in the area.

For reference, the eastern side of the park is the brightly coloured area in the attached plan.

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