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Summer Activities for young people from Youth First

We’re opening youth clubs and adventure playgrounds across Lewisham during the Summer holidays. Full of fun-packed activities and free for young people aged 8-19 years old (to 25 with SEND) to have fun, develop skills, meet other young people and talk to our dedicated youth workers.

Here are some activities you might enjoy :

The Woodpecker carnival programme

This inspired carnival programme creative workshops and courses throughout the year lasting from 6-8 weeks.The theme of the workshop is 'creativity and well-being'.The range of activities include music production, textiles , drama and dance.This is an opportunity to experience new activities and learn new skills. For ages 12+ in new cross area.

Summer Fun with Phoenix Community Housing

Dumps adventure playground is a large wooden outdoor play structure , built on three levels and features ramps, walkways, swings of varying sizes, rope bridges and hideaways. They are all linked and make a great place for a game of tag. There are also large playing fields. A great place to enjoy some fun time with friends and create amazing memories. For ages 8-19 and including free lunch.

Bellingham Gateway Youth & Community Centre

At Bellingham gateway there are various fun and engaging activities which help you build skills and confidence.The activities include ; table tennis, cooking, rollerskating, arts and crafts, homework support, gaming, pool, IT and computer sessions and football. For ages 8-19 and free lunch.

Honor Oak Youth Club

Honor Oak Youth Club has a wide variety of activities, ranging from sports and games to creative media and training workshops.​​​​​ Regular activities include: dodgeball, 5-a-side football tournaments, weekly girls' group, cooking, arts and crafts and many other games.

This is a great experience to meet new people and find new interests.For ages 8-19 and free lunch.

Deptford Adventure Playground

This playground is a safe and enjoyable place to have fun with friends.There are many activities you can do like climbing, lay basketball/football.Explore and have fun on physically demanding but safe wooden outdoor climbing frames with swings, ropes and giant tyres. There's also an indoor building which has a pool table, computer room, arts and crafts room and a large space to watch films and play video games.For ages 8-19 and free lunch.

Climate Home Festival

This festival will be hosted by the Richard Macvicar Deptford Adventure Playground with the partnership with SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS and The Albany.This gives young people to discuss and express their views on important conversations like climate justice and more, through creativity.Workshops are varied , you can join activities like poetry to construction, attending events, exploring mental health, fashion design , dance and adventure play.The festival will have opportunities for young people aged from eight up to 25, as well as events for the wider community.

For more information you can visit the Youth first website

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