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Questions about the Black Lives Matter Protests?

ASSIGNMENT: What do you want to know about the Black Lives Matter protests and racism? – BBC News website expert Q&A

This is your chance to get some of your questions answered by an expert – this is a similar example we produced a few weeks ago:

This time we want to get your questions specifically in response to all the news you are hearing about the Black Lives Matter protests and issues of racism and inequality. We will put these to an expert to try and get some answers for you and other young people in a special BBC News online video.

Here are some example questions which might help you to think about the sort of things you want to know:

What prejudices do black people face today?

What is meant by systemic racism?

What do the Black Lives Matter protesters want to happen?

Why was a statue pulled down in Bristol during a protest?

Why do some people not trust the police?

Are the issues in the UK and the US the same?

What is the Black Lives Matter campaign about?

What can I do to make a difference?

If you are interested in having your views shared we need you to do the following:

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to record yourself asking one or a few questions

  • Record your question straight at the camera and talk directly into it

  • Record an open question and try and keep it quite short

  • If you have more than one question record them in one long clip but allow a 10-15sec space between each question (to help us when editing)

  • Record the clip horizontally (NOT vertical selfie-style) and just showing your head and shoulders

  • Record the clip in a quiet space so there isn’t any background noise if possible

  • At the beginning of the clip please name check yourself – say your FIRST NAME, AGE, WHERE YOU LIVE – and then pause 5 seconds before say the questions

And for some more advice about recording you might find these top tips from BBC journalists Ellie and Ben useful – watch here.

The deadline for sending us your video and the attached consent form is 5pm on Wednesday (10 June).

We hope this is of interest and if so happy recording!

to get a consent form email Josie Verghese

Head of Young Reporter - BBC News

and say you heard about it from the Lewisham Young Mayor Team


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