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LPO Junior Artist Overture Project in South London

By Emmerson

It is Sunday 2nd February and following on from last year’s memorable musical collaboration with the LPO Junior Artist Overture Project in South London, I was privileged enough to receive an invitation to participate at the Royal Academy of Music on the Marylebone Road, London. The day was to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday and together we explored two excerpts from his symphonic works. Excerpt from Beethoven Symphony No 5, 4th movement. Excerpt from Beethoven Symphony No 7, 2nd movement. Through dialogue, I had a fantastic insight into the career pathways of a professional musician. The day commenced with icebreakers, where we got to know one another, where we had commuted from, which instrument we played and what we hoped to learn from the experience. The Royal Academy of Music is the oldest conservatoire in the UK, founded in 1822 by John Fane and Nicolas Charles Bochsa. The artwork and sculptures allowed you to use your imagination and speculate about the past. The chandeliers were spectacular and added mystic and drama to the great concert hall. We learned our parts section by section until it was perfected. Music, sport and times tables are perfected by repetition. Perfect harmonies were achieved by sheer hard work and dedication by each individual. We captivated the minds and hearts of the audience with our crescendos and decrescendos. My life has been truly enriched by this unique musical event. I was able to engage and develop friendships through classical music. Classical music is working in collaboration with so many other areas and it is a fun time to be involved with the movement of collaborative learning. All families need encouragement from time to time and as a child citizen of this wonderful world I intend to embrace all that it has to offer and live life to the fullest. Thank you to all of the London Philharmonic Orchestral Family, keep on feeding children’s musical curiosities. Emmerson Sutton. Trinity Church of England Secondary School. Lewisham Concert Band. Young Advisor to the Young Mayor of Lewisham. Junior Reporter for the BBC.

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