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Lockdown from a Lewisham view!

In light of Covid-19 with so many changes in the last few weeks many of us are wondering how everyone is coping during these unprecedented times so check out our latest catch up with Lewisham Alumni Member Femi Richard.

During social distancing with many of us adhering to government measures to #stayhomestaysafe one of the highlights of our day is when we decide to head out for our daily exercise. For those of us who are the Usain Bolts and Dina Asher-Smiths of our borough a jog a day is the bare minimum however even if it's a walk around your area, fresh air and more sunny days are always welcomed.

This week we've been asking our friends around us to share their daily walks and talk about their experiences on how each of them are coping with the current changes. Alumni member and media producer Femi recently taken up the challenge to run 6k a day since quarantine however since running Femi realised 'I noticed how seriously the whole community were adhering to the lockdown rules.' Jogging everyday meant Femi saw the main roads weren't so busy with barely any cars driving not to mention not being able to count the amount of people on more than one hand every so often.

Being a media producer and drone pilot Femi tends to draw inspiration from every experience and with the big change in our everyday social norms and at times being very overwhelming, Femi wanted to somehow capture the moment and showcase it in a unique way. With his drone and some ideas he decided that it would better to video film the streets and add more of an emphasis with a birds eye view angle. The purpose was to show how the public has come together in a global pandemic, following rules and regulations to stay safe and stay home.

Check out Femi's short film showing parts of the Downham area. With his creativity and experience it's great to get a birds eye view of our borough, Lewisham.

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Check out more about Femi's work as a media producer and creative at

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