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Film Review: The Letter for the King

By Emmerson S

Positioned at W1D 3DH, stands the Soho Hotel. A hand pick few have been invited to watch the first screening of a new Netflix series called The Letter for the King. task to deliver a letter to the King. As you can imagine this will be no easy feat, so hold on to your heart and allow yourself to be catapulted into unknown dimensions that is Covid 19 free. Tiuri is a determined and ambitious young man who must show strength, skill, speed and power to triumph over his peer aggressors and complete his quest.

Written by Dutch writer Tonke Dragt, The letter for the king is a must see for the family. My age recommendation is ten plus as some parts are dark and mysterious and could leave a very young child with nightmares. If you want to learn how to triumph over adversity and be truly resilient do not miss it.

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