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Celebrating three footballing heroes

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

By Emmerson S

I recently visited a wonderful monument dedicated to three amazing men in West Bromwich. The statue is to both commemorate and highlight their professionalism and heartache doing the job that they loved the most.

They had to undergo chants, racist comments and criticism despite being consistent, courageous and committed to the beautiful game. In 2019 I will now pick up the ball and work relentlessly hard as both an academy player and ambassador to help shift mindsets, educate and explain why football is the greatest game on earth that can unify classes and racial divides. There is simply no room for racism in football. There is no room for racism anywhere and it needs to be kicked out into the exosphere. Calling people unkind names is a hate crime and perpetrators should face a judge and jury followed by a prison sentence to reflect on their verbal actions. I will use the following legislation as a propeller for change. Equality Act. Unicef - Un convention on the rights of a child. Global Goals, FA Rules and Regulations, Kick it out Campaign, Year of the Sculpture. Every academy player should be a great ambassador for sportsmanship. We need to display excellent values both off and on the pitch. We will also need to be courageous at all times. We should be undertaking team challenges in the community and individual efforts to underpin our understanding. Racism has been going on for so long and we need to have the balls to stop it for good. An understanding of people’s contributions would help because many people simply don’t know enough. Equal opportunities for all is a necessity for all. The young must be heard and participate in decision making opportunities that effect them and others.

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