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"Bring your family to university day"

By Emmerson S

On Friday 16th August I visited UCL, for the annual “Bring Your Family To University Day”. I was very warmly welcomed by Judy Larbie who after registration offered me breakfast. This was an opportunity for me to think about my future, consider options and understand the high expectations the university promotes. I have had the privilege of visiting many theatres but never one in a university setting. The Darwin Lecture Theatre was very imposing and I could see myself having a memorable learning experience here. Many young people were in attendance and life long friendships are formed in university settings. I had four lectures during the day in different parts of the university and the lecturers were very detailed and structured in their delivery. After lunch I toured the grounds of the university and I was very surprised just how big it was, the student guide explained about the clubs and societies that were available and her personal experiences so far. This year I will be visiting three universities to continue my research and understand the similarities and differences between universities. This visit was an excellent opener to higher education and university life. I am an Advisor to the Young Mayor of Lewisham and I would like to work with this University to ensure that all primary and secondary schools in the London Borough of Lewisham are made fully aware of the available opportunities on our doorstep in the centre of London. From Anthropology to Zoology and all subjects in between are all readily available at UCL. As many of you know encouraging children to get early access to life changing opportunities is something that I am always promoting and passionate about. Thank you to Ms Larbie for organising a great day of inspiration and academic possibilities. Emmerson S Advisor to the Young Mayor of Lewisham. Young Reporter for the BBC. Junior Columnist for Kychan Teen Magazine.

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