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Bank of things Article

e bank of things work with young people ages from 11-25 years of age. They provide support to young people who may find it difficult or having some sort of challenging situations in there lives.

The unit 19 which will be based in Lewisham shopping centre we hoping this will open early January 2022 young people will be able to pop in any time of the day as we will be open Monday and Wednesday from 4-7pm . Young people can come in to collect items like toiletries that they may need on a day to day base as this is important for everyday living.

We would also like if people could also donate things to us that are new and haven’t been opened. This could be dropped of at the unit 19 at the Lewisham shopping centre.

We are also looking for some young people who may help and volunteer in our team. This could be things like donating items, to deliveries, packing up and distributing the packs and helping to raise awareness, if you think you can help please email

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