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Architecture and Theatre

An innocent man called Stephen Lawrence was killed on the 22nd April 1993, he had ambitions to become an architect. This job is where you design or create a model of something that you are going to build. This job is great because it is also interlinked to many other careers. I love the dramatic arts and theatre buildings, I have been to many theatres in the past and witnessed great performances. The stage set has to be 3d designed by an architect and they use different materials to represent different surfaces. They do not call them an architect though they call them a stage designer. The designers for the Lion King must have been amazing because the costumes and the set was mind blowing. Unfortunately, Stephen Lawrence did not achieve his dream because he died very young.  My scheduled trip to the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  I hope that Lewisham Youth Theatre reschedule the trip as I have a burning ambition to study there one day.   I really enjoy model designing.  During the pandemic I recreated two sets one was the Wembley Stadium and the other a theatre.  I will submit both of these designs for my bronze arts award with Lewisham Youth Theatre. Make sure you do not mix with the wrong people. They will get you into trouble and maybe even ruin your life.

By Marvin Gordon (12)

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