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Within the Young Mayors Office we are passionate about developing and championing projects which supports the development of youth democracy in Lewisham and furthers community cohesion in the borough  as well amongst young people.  


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The Young Mayor and Young Advisors meet every Monday at the Civic Suite in Catford. There is an agenda at every meeting, which is a mixture of people wanting to speak to the group about projects, issues and policies and ideas the Young Advisors have for projects and issues they would like to address.

The projects below have come from Young Mayors and Young Advisors priorities and projects that others have suggested and wanted help with.

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The Curriculum for Life is something that young advisors and others have been working on over a few years. Identifying the things young people want to learn which is outside the academic curriculum and finding ways to try some out. Working with colleagues and partners, things like first aid, learning more about politics or  debating, financial management. 

The Lewisham Alumni Network (LAN) is a group of young people aged 18 -30 years who have been to school or college or live in Lewisham. They are interested in supporting younger people in the borough through sharing their experiences, finding opportunities for other young people or contributing to events and  the curriculum. As well as working together, learning about and taking on leadership roles in the borough. 

On the 27th February 2020 the Young Mayor Team and the Positive Aging Council held a day of activity for schools to celebrate LGBTQ+history month.

The Young Advisors are keen to support young people from the LGBTQ+ community, to learn, have fun and celebrate achievements. We hope this is the start to developing a group or regular activities, please join us. 

The SEND project is a joint initiative between the complex needs team at Kaleidoscope and the Young Advisors Team. 

The project has been enthusiastically co -facilitated by Morgan Seward, one of the Young Advisors, who also stood for election and others in the team. Morgan stood for election wanting to raise awareness around autism and autism friendly places.

Primary School Civic Visits

Every year all Primary schools in Lewisham are invited into the Civic Suite to meet with the Speaker of the Council and The Young Mayors Team. They have an interactive morning learning about what the council does and how it relates to the. They learn the council is there for them and their families and how to get involved. The Young Mayor is one way they can be involved as they move into secondary school. 



For over 10 years the Young Mayor Team have been participating in European exchanges through the Erasmus+ programme. We have partner organisations, who we have worked with in Sweden, Prague, Portugal, Spain, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. Through receiving funding from the European Union, Young people from Lewisham have been able to meet and work with their peers about issues of common interest and concern. Developing their understanding of the wider world and social solidarity.

The ongoing interests and concern of young people across the world  about the climate crisis, is also of concern to young people in Lewisham.The Young Mayor and Young Advisors have been involved with officers and politicians and community groups, about the councils response to the climate crisis and are keen to establish or support a young peoples climate change group in the borough. If  you are interested get in touch!


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The Bank of Things is a project developed for young people by young people. The Young Mayor of Lewisham and Young advisors teams came up with the idea after witnessing first hand how a lack of access to certain daily essentials was preventing young people from engaging fully in their day to day lives. 


please help to donate our service so we can help make a difference to young peoples life.

The link is below, where you can donate as much as you would like to.

For more information contact:

02083146313 & 07957198312


International Women's day 

Poppins is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Poppins is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Poppins is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

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