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It takes a strong partnership to support young people to help them engage in local democracy and civic life which means there's always an unseen list of people who are helping! Meet our core team and Young Advisors who work with the Young Mayor and are part of the Young Mayors Project. 

Lewisham Young Mayor &
Deputy Young Mayor.  2023-24

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 23.26.02.png
(Left) Llywella-Paige Hoban (Deputy young mayor) 
(Right) Jentai Gen-One (young mayor)

on February 8th 2023 lewisham's young people elected Jentai and Llywella to be our new young mayors. they have a budget of £25,000 that they will use towards their manifestos

Look out for more of our Young Advisors profiles coming....

The  Young Mayors Team.

Katy Brown 2.jpg

Katy Brown

Advisor to the Young Mayor

Committed to supporting young people to have opportunities and to take part in local democracy, influence policy and decision making.


Jacob Sakil IV

Advisor to the Young Mayor

As a former Young Mayor of Lewisham 09/10 Jacob is an active advocate for youth voice and up-skilling young people to engage in youth democracy. 


Nick Gunner

Advisor to the Young Mayor

I am committed to young people’s participation in civil society, to them having access to decision makers and the knowledge and context to contribute. I have 20 years’ experience developing and training on non-formal youth projects, both internationally and domestically exploring topics such as Youth Democracy, Intercultural Dialogue, Anti- Racism and Xenophobia, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship. At the British Council and Lewisham Young Mayors Programme.


In Loving Memory 

Malcolm Ball

1959 - 2021

As a dedicated Youth Worker in Lewisham for the past 40 years Malcolm has worked with young people and been involved since the beginning developing the Young Mayors programme. 

Mal first began working with young people at the age of 17 at St Michael's Community Centre, New Cross.

Through his passion and dedication, Mal encouraged young people to be who they want to be, to trust and believe in themselves.


He broadened their world views, teaching respect, kindness, honesty, and friendship. He helped young people to create the world they wanted to live in. 

He has left a lasting impact on us all and will continue to do so, a real Lewisham Legend!

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