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As part of LGBTQ+ History Month the Young Mayor Team and the Positive Aging Council organised a day to raise awareness of some of the issues that  LGBTQ+ people face in society today as well as recognise and celebrate their contributions



See the timline video here:


We had an amazing day on February 27th 2020 with a spoken word workshop (Thank you MC Angel and Midi Music) always popular, lots of information from Metro and the library service. Deptford Green School organising workshops and a stunning timeline by Debs from Capture Arts 


We know that there continues to be homophobic bullying in schools and in the wider community. Young people and teachers and adults can sometimes find this hard to manage.

Here are some links if you need support or to find out more

A message from Josh, Chair of Young Advisors

On the 14th February 2020 Joshua the Chair of Young Advisors, the Young Mayor Team and the Positive Ageing Council held an intergenerational LGBTQ+ Day in the Civic Suite in Lewisham. Three schools attended, Bonus Pastor Catholic College, Deptford Green School and Haberdashers Aske’s Knights Academy. The schools went into different workshops to learn about LGBTQ+


Joshua the Chair of Young Advisors gave a powerful speech saying that we have to think about what the words we use in school to others and how hurtful and damaging it can be to the other person. He asked the young people in the room to be the changemakers in their local community, to make sure they think about what they say and support each other.  


The mission of the day was to touch each young person in that room and teach them the history of LGBTQ+ for all the people that marched and were killed to make sure we live in a free society. We are living in a world that accepts people for who they are. It was a really successful day and the students really loved the day.


Special Thanks to,

Deptford Green School- For facilitating their own workshop held by their students

For Debs form Capture arts for making an amazing timeline and talking to students about it

Positive Aging Council- for assisting the Young Mayor and Advisors for putting on this special day

MC Angel- for her spoken word workshop working with the students to go into their heart and put the words onto paper


This was just one great  day but we are keen to work with others around celebrating and supporting young 

people from the LGBTQ+ community so if you are interested in joining us or have any ideas get in touch!

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