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find out about Anti-racism and the resources the Young Mayors Team have brought together.

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find out about Health Awareness week and the resources the Young Mayors Team have brought together. work in an organised and active way towards a particular goal, typically a political or social one...

With the revamped website and while we can't meet in person the Young Mayor Team are going to create some online awareness raising campaigns! Joining in with others where we can to look at particular issues of interest to young people


We want the ideas for the campaigns to come from young people in the borough and for people to help share ideas and see how we can influence and change things together

Every month we will have a campaign week..looking at one issue please let us know any ideas you have, get in touch!

The campaigns will include sharing info on social media, creating a page here on the site and blog posts by young people.. and anything else! you can get involved in any way!

We can also share our ideas and any changes with decision makers 

who work in those areas to make a difference in Lewisham 

The Young Mayor  and Deputy and the Young Advisors know a bit about campaigning..

every year Young Mayor Candidates campaign on issues that are of interest to them.. see the 2019 Candidate Statements here