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White Ribbon Day is held every year on 25th November. It is an awareness day that promotes the end of violence against women. We use White Ribbon Day each year to open a conversation about domestic abuse, as much of the violence against women that occurs in our society is from within the home.

What can we do with the young people around ‘White Ribbon week?

Young peoples voices should be heard, as a lot of young women are very vulnerable and find themselves in situations where they are unable to get the right support when needed.


The main purpose for the white Ribbon Campaign is to stop young men violating young women and putting them in a position where they do not have their rights or feel that they are controlling them. Young women  have the right to speak out and let their voices be heard.


White Ribbon is the world's largest movement engaging survivors of domestic violence, women, men and boys to end men's violence against women and girls. This campaign also promotes gender equality and create new opportunities to build positive, healthy and respectful relationships with between all genders.

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What should be changed?

I think that there is a lot more to just the White Ribbon week. I strongly think that uploading and putting up some posters on young girls who may find it difficult speaking out, making them to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed about and that we will support and help them in our best interested to make them not to feel as if they are worthless, but for them to feel that they are being listened too.      - Emi, Young Mayors Apprentice


Making a change and raising awareness around young peoples culture and backgrounds.

In my own ideas I think and strongly believe that a lot of young people, find it difficult to get up on their feet, or even some are confused and not really know what they want to do. This could also be due to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and maybe past experience that makes them fell bad or worthless about themselves.

Even people from different backgrounds or cultures may feel so, because they may think people may make fun of them due to them being different, so this could result in them feeling very insecure about themselves.

I think if we raise awareness and make young people understand no matter where your from or your believes or background you should never stop chasing your dreams and becoming the person you want to be in life. I also think that we should let young people understand that it is not nice to critics someone or make them feel bad just because they are different to others.

Culture festival making people understand about other peoples culture.

Meeting up and creating activities with people from different cultures and backgrounds so they can get an understanding of other peoples cultures.


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